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Advice, forecasts, trading and hedging on currency market

Margin trading is highly speculative and may not be suitable for all investors


  • Mathieu Burbau

    Mathieu Burbau - Partner and CEO

    Graduated in 2005 from ESC Saint-Etienne, a French business school, Mathieu Burbau is the founder and CEO of the company.


    FX expert and passionate about fundamental analysis, he is regularly consulted by the analysis desk of Zonebourse where he shares his opinions on major currency pairs since 2010. The same year, he won the Saxo Banque trading contest by making more than 700% profit in only one day.


    Now located in London, the world's leading financial center for FX, he drives trading activities of Satelys from the company's trading room. - +44 (0) 203 445 5157

    Interview & FX Conference with Mathieu Burbau (Directed in 2019 by Videobourse & Xavier Lianmongkhol):

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  • Axel Cathala

    Axel Cathala - Sales Manager

    Graduated from ITB (Institut Technique de Banque) supported by a double professional experience in top tier banks (BNP PARISBAS/CREDIT AGRICOLE), Axel Cathala manages our customers and partners relationship, focusing on understanding their needs.


    Both dynamic and available, he takes time to check if our investors take right decisions according to their overall assets. He never hesitates to give additional opinions or advices based on his knowledge of our customers situation.


    As head of communication, he also regularly checks our website or brochures to make sure all our marketing materials are always compliant to the European regulation and conform to our ethics and values. - +44 (0) 203 445 5156